Recently logged areas on the west side of the Clearwater River Valley are clearly visible from the Wells Gray Park Road – a huge blot on the landscape seen by thousands of tourists. Now, Canfor has applied to log 11 more cutblocks on the western slopes of Trophy Mountain adjacent to southern Wells Gray Park. The Clearwater River Valley has far more value to society as the grand entrance to internationally renowned Wells Gray Provincial Park than as a source of wood fibre.

For a map of the cutblocks look here.
For a map of caribou habitat look here.

Our Concerns:
• The Guiding Principles for the Management of Land and Resources in the Clearwater Valley have been ignored.
• Application for UNESCO Geopark status will be impacted.
• Slope stability threatens safety of Wells Gray Park Road and residents.
• Household and irrigation water of area residents are threatened.
• Mountain Caribou habitat and population will be at risk.
• Tourism industry will be impacted.

Clearwater is known as the Gateway to Wells Gray Park. $20 million are brought into Clearwater annually by tourists. The long-term economic future of Clearwater is at risk if industrial logging destroys Wells Gray Park assets. Logging may foreclose future options such as Geopark status. It also forecloses on future trail development in the area affected – e.g. in connection with volcanic and other features. We need to protect the wilderness experience for everyone, and carefully manage the corridor to Wells Gray Park.

Here's how you can take action:
• Call on the government for a moratorium on industrial logging in the Clearwater Valley in the vicinity of southern Wells Gray Park. For addresses of politicians and election candidates please see our
Take Action page.
• For more information, be sure to visit our companion website,
Death by a Thousand Clearcuts.
• And for more actions click here.

The Issue